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My Reflection

Completing my M.S. in Learning Design and Technology through the University of South Florida has been a very challenging yet rewarding experience. While going through my artifacts it was amazing to see all that I learned, created, and accomplished throughout the program. I think that I did a great job at meeting many of the standards as I was a former educator and completed most of my work in the program with high fidelity. However, many of the design elements of the program were new to me and I feel that there were some things that I would have completed differently given the knowledge that I have now.

One of the things I would do differently throughout all of my artifiacts is create more visually appealing and better edited material. An example of this is artifact S.3.2 that I created for my Interactive Media class during my first semester of the program. It is a recorded lesson that I created and taught using the program Panapto. However, due to my lack of editing skills and knowledge of technological programs it opens with a non edited clip of my on camera, there is no intro or outro, and the design of the lesson is not well thought out and designed. If I could take my classes over I would definitely take the design and technological skills that I developed and redesign most of the content I created. Overall, I am proud of the work I created and even more proud to be graduating at the top of my class and as a part of the Kappa Delta Pi Honors Society.

My perspective of technology in education has changed drastically. When I first started the program I just thought of technology as a "support tool" for creating lessons and/or trainings.  However, after completing the program I now realise that technology can be a catalyst for changing the way we view, design, and treat education in our society. I think that technology is both improving our educational system and allowing us to move into a more collaborative learning system that affords the 21st century skills that are needed both in education and the workplace. I am grateful for everything I have learned and can't wait to use the skills that I have learned throughout the program in my future career as an Instructional Designer. 

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